Saturday, 17 December 2016

August 2016 - Hong Kong

My 3rd trip to Hong Kong! I went there first in Dec 2002, then in Jan 2012 where I also went to Macau, both with family. This time it was with friends so it was a bit different. And the weather....the previous 2 times was winter so it was cool. It was rainy and humid and hot this time. The best thing was...just a day before we flew, there was a typhoon alert!! Much excitement. But because of that, one person decided not to go and I ended up having the whole room to myself as I was travelling with 3 other guys who shared the other room.
And our flight got delayed too! We got a $10 voucher or something by Changi Airport that we could use to get food! We flew SQ because it was fairly cheap, only around $250 per person. And after taking budget airlines, I much better appreciate SQ service and professionalism.

Day 1 - 2August2016
We arrived to no typhoon, but lots of rain. We took a cab to our hotel, Butterfly on Hollywood, which is a really pretty hotel though the rooms are tiny.

The hotel is located near Sheung Wan MTR station, about a 10minute walk, so it was really convenient. Our first stop was shopping at Causeway Bay. First up was Times Square where I managed to buy some stuff. The surrounding streets also had lots and lots of shopping. I think I spent close to 100 bucks on the 1st day just shopping haha.

Dinner was at Ho Hung Kee, a Michelin-starred restaurant serving wanton noodles. This was the start of our Michelin-star restaurant chasing haha.
Honestly, other than dessert, I'm not discerning about most food, especially Chinese food. I found it really delicious, but I find a lot of wanton noodles good lol.

And because I ordered the small portion which was really small, we proceeded for dessert at Green Waffle. I got one for myself while the 3 guys shared one haha I'm a glutton.

Day 2 - 3August2016
Had a traditional HK breakfast at an eatery near our hotel!

We headed to the outlets today, and I bought a pair of Vans. Actually, it was not very cheap ($50, normal price is ~$60-70) but I really wanted to buy something haha.

We had lunch at Food Republic in the mall. I ate wanton noodles again which I thought was fine, but my friends didn't really enjoy what they ordered.

We then headed to Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok to sightsee and shop.

We bought cookies from Jenny's Bakery which is super famous but wow the service was terribad lol. Well, I guess they can afford to have terrible service. I bought a small box of assorted cookies since I wasn't sure if they were nice, but my family only had good reviews! They have an outlet in Ang Mo Kio now but apparently the queues are really long.

We also went to Kowloon Park to admire the flowers and swan and statues of classic characters!

And then we ended up eating at caffe Habitu to eat again. Really just shopping & eating the whole trip. The view from the cafe was also gorgeous!

After tea, we went to Mongkok to experience Ladies Market since 2 guys had not been there before. But I really dislike the place because it's full of imitation goods and I wouldn't buy anything.
This picture is so classic HK imo.

Langham Place! I stayed here the last time when I came with my parents. It's pretty expensive, only affordable with parents around haha. And there's great shopping to do here too.

We headed to Tim Ho Wan at Olympian City (not a city, just a mall lol) for our second Michelin star dinner! The char siew pao was awesomee but it was smaller than the one in Sg. Also, being not discerning about food, I didnt really taste the difference in quality between the HK and Sg one although people often say the HK one is much better.

Day 3 - 4 August 2016
Our last full day in HK, which we spent in Ocean Park!

We took loads of rides and they were fun but skydiving really ruined me in terms of what I find exciting.
Aquarium center...reminds me of Finding Dory!


Bumper cars! A childhood fave of mine.

Someone tried to use an umbrella on this ride hahhaha.
 And there's this place with penguins, seals, arctic foxes and other animals.

The theme park is located next to the ocean (hence Ocean Park) so the views were really pretty !

It also kept raining intermittently so we kept having to use umbrellas, which was such a bother. There were a few wet rides so I used my poncho, which I initially brought for the typhoon lmao.

The park was also really beautiful at night!

After getting back to the city area, a Singaporean guy working in HK started talking to us because he recognised our accent and he recommended us to go to Lan Kwai Fong.
So we had dinner at Yat Lok restaurant, a Michelin-starred eatery serving roast goose which is suuuper nice.

Then we headed to Lan Kwai Fong, which reminds me of Holland V/Clarke Quay with lots of pubs. We also happened to see Bread Street, Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, so we went in to get dessert. I ordered the tiramisu but it was really disappointing and I couldn't finish it :( Luckily, it wasn't TOO expensive. Also, my friend stupidly ordered wine without knowing the price and it was almost 30 bucks so he became really really broke hahahha.

Day 4 - 5 August 2016
We had breakfast again in a traditional eatery.
Then headed to Central MTR, and a short walk to Lower Peak Terminus to take the tram up to Victoria Peak! Really really pretty views of HK from the peak.

There is an audio guide which I found quite interesting but my friends were totally disinterested and only wanted to take instagram-worthy pictures lol. Like Kowloon means jiu long (nine dragons), and it is because the young emperor counted 8 hills so 8 dragons, then his servant was like 'emperor, you're also a dragon!' so it became 9 dragons haha.

There's also many shops selling souvenirs and other random stuff, and being the touristy tourist I am, I bought a lot of souvenirs and useless stuff. 

It was crazily hot though, so we stopped for Starbucks to rehydrate. I found the mocha frap a bit strange though.

After that, we headed back to our hotel to collect our luggage and cabbed to the airport to go home!

Post-trip comments
A short but fun trip! Hong Kong is a really great place for short trips because there's good food, nice scenery and cheap shopping, but definitely go in winter season because it was so hot!!