Sunday, 28 June 2015

Spazzing over Ha Ji Won

My exams are finally over!!! Just in time for me to write a spazz post about my favourite Korean actress, Ha Ji Won to coincide with her birthday and the start of her new show, The Time We Were Not In Love.

I first watched her in Secret Garden which I loved, but mostly for Hyun Bin. I didn't care too much about Gil RaIm ><
Then in 2012, she acted in King 2 Hearts which had massive popularity on Dramabeans. I watched that, then followed it with classics What Happened In Bali, Damo and Hwang Jini, partly because these were so highly rated and partly because I wanted to watch more and more of Ha Ji Won. After watching all her dramas since Damo, I proceeded to watch almost every movie she's been in. I think her drama hits are more consistent than her movie hits - I loved Duelist and Closer To Heaven, but hated 100 Days with Mr Arrogant.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Drama Views - Bad Guys (2014)

My first drama review in a long time because it's the first drama I've watched in 3 months! Grrrr school. But it was a great choice for a drama watching comeback because this was AMAZING.

Bad Guys is about a team of 1 cop and 3 criminals coming together to capture other criminals. There was a nice mix of episodic cases and explorations of each character's back story. Highly highly recommended! To all those people who keep saying Korean dramas are all about chaebols and poor girls, it is not true and Bad Guys is just one of the many that isn't AND of high quality.