Thursday, 3 August 2017

Drama Reviews - Dear My Friends (2016)

Dear My Friends is a slice of life drama about a bunch of ahjummas (+ a few ahjussis) who have been friends since elementary school, and their children. It's a rare drama focused on the elderly, and it is certainly not for marathoning imo. It's rather short at 16 episodes but I took more than a week to finish it because I can only watch 2-3 episodes in one sitting before feeling completely emotionally drained.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Drama Reviews - Forest of Secrets/Stranger (2017)

The first 2017 drama I've watched! Actually started on Dear My Friends after Age Of Youth because I wanted a similar vibe about friendships, but DMF is super draining on my emotions and not great for marathoning, so I looked for something else. Saw a lot of people recommending Forest of Secrets/Secret Forest/Stranger (LOL why so many names) and hyping it to be even better than Signal, plus I saw that crazy cast, so I watched the 1st ep and was hooked. Thankfully, I marathoned it just in time for the last episodes so no wait agonisation here. It was GREAT.

The story starts with a murder, which brings Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok (Jo Seung Woo) in acquaintance with Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doona) from the police, and they slowly start to work with each other to unravel more and more secrets behind the victim, the prosecution service & police force.