Tuesday, 22 September 2015

July 2015 - Austria & Czech Republic (Part 2) - Salzburg

School has started and I'm so busy!! That's why I took more than a month to post this. And this is already the term with the least work.

Anyway, continuing with my trip recap.

Day 4 - 18Jul2015

We check out at 820am and headed to Schwedensplatz to take the subway to Westbahnof station. We managed to get some breakfast while waiting for the Westbahn train to arrive. There are 2 trains to get you from Vienna to Salzburg - OBB or Westbahn. Research online showed that many people recommended Westbahn so that's what we went with. Caught the 938 train that was packed with people because you can buy your tickets on board so the number of passengers is not regulated. The 2.5h journey was pretty enjoyable because Austria has such awesome scenery!