Tuesday, 31 March 2015

May/June 2014 - Seoul & Tokyo (Part 2)

Continuing my adventure in Tokyo...

Day 3 - 30May2014
We woke up really early, around 530am and took the airport limousine to Incheon airport. We reached 3hours early!! So we got breakfast from Paris Baguette (whose model is the gorgeous Jeon Ji Hyun) before starting on our long journey to our gate, which included taking the concourse and walking a lot. We took a budget flight on Eastar Jet that cost us about $300 for a round trip. While checking in, I left my handphone on the latch and walked off without it. Luckily, one of the service staff ran after me to return it, otherwise my whole vacation would have been ruined!
The journey to Narita airport took about 2hours. We had to walk a really long distance to get to the customs area again since these airports are huge. We consulted the tourist information center for the cheapest way to get to Shinjuku which is the city center and where our hotel is located, and bought discounted tickets on the Narita express which is a train that specially connects places in Japan to the Narita airport. There is even a space to put your luggage so the 2h ride was really comfortable.

Drama Views: Empress Ki (2013-2014)

I can’t call my ramblings on dramas reviews since I may be biased and I don't write in depth. So they’re just my drama views.

My first one is about Empress Ki, starring my favourite Korean actress Ha Ji Won. The whole drama is about Ki Seung Nyang’s ascent to the throne of the Yuan dynasty, and 4 men pining over her – Goryeo King Wang Yoo (Joo Jin Mo), Yuan Emperor Tahwan (Ji Chang Wook), Yuan advisor Taltal (Jin Yi Han) and evil Tanggise (Kim Jung Hyun). It is 51 episodes long so lots of stuff happen, but they are all very fast paced so there is hardly a boring moment.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Variety: The Human Condition (Female)

A brief intro to The Human Condition: 6 members come together to live in a house for 5 days and 4 nights with a mission. There are 2 versions in the first 2 seasons – male and female. Originally, there were only male members. But when they did a Female Comedian special and it garnered double the ratings of the usual show, they changed it such that males and females alternate. I have only watched the female version.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

May/June 2014 - Seoul & Tokyo (Part 1)

Last year, I went to Seoul and Tokyo with my best friend as a graduation trip. We wanted to go with 2 other friends but they couldn't make it :(

It was a really long trip spanning 2 weeks so I'll probably take a few posts to record it completely. I kept a record of everything I did and spent on during the trip so it's still quite fresh in my mind.

In February, we booked tickets to Seoul on SQ at a discounted price of around $800. And a return ticket from Seoul to Tokyo from Eastar Jet, a budget airline from Korea. So our holiday was 2 days in Seoul -> 5 days in Tokyo -> 7 days in Seoul. It is quite a waste of time travelling back and forth, but it was the cheapest option since the discounted SQ tickets were only for return tickets for the same destination.

We booked our hotels in March and many were already sold out due to the peak season so we paid quite a bit...so book early! (Unfortunately the schedules of myself and my family are very unfixed so we always end up booking really last minute, which means a waste of money!)

Before the trip, I was working in a really awful place while waiting for university and I was so traumatised working there. Was so grateful to board the plane and escape everything here.


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